Fix WordPress 401/403/404/406/429 Errors

Resolve WP 401/403/404/406/429 Errors Now

Generally, people consider the internet as a distributed system that uses TCP/IP protocols. But the web part of the net is dominated by HTML web pages. The web relies on a client-server architecture and uses the HTTP protocols for reliable communications. Users encounter various HTTP error codes while surfing the web.

WordPress is a highly popular content management system (CMS). It helps to create and maintain blogs and websites. It, too, relies on client-server technology and various HTTP methods. Scripts are coded in the PHP language to provide different features and functionality.In daily WordPress usage, the appearance of an HTTP error code indicates trouble. You have to resolve WordPress 401 error without too much delay. Else, the system may malfunction or compromise data and network security. Hackers are waiting for some vulnerability to pop out to take advantage of it. Thus, keeping your site error-free is of utmost importance. Lack of maintenance can also bring down the website and affect daily business activities.

There are more than 20 types of 400-like HTTP error codes. They can either be extremely scarce or appear more frequently. Inexperienced users may find it challenging to solve such problems. But certified professionals can accurately resolve such errors in a quick time.

401 Error-Handling

The 401 error is very specific, and it happens due to improper authentication. The error indicates that the WordPress host server or URL you are trying to access is denying service. The client is not authorized to access the specific resource on the server. To resolve WordPress 401 error, you have to diagnose the exact source of the problem.
A good password can protect WordPress admin folders. If you fail to enter this password on the login and admin pages, then the 401 error crops up. If your IP address gets banned for some

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reason, then also this error code appears on the screen. You can try and resolve WordPress 401 error that occurs due to banned IP address using these steps –

  • First, you have to log out of the website. Then clear all the cookies to see if it resolves the authentication problem. Then you have to login back again into the system.
  • Web browsers store a lot of data on the client-side. You can clear the browser’s cache and the cookies for your WordPress domain site.
  • You can temporarily disable all the WordPress plugins to resolve the issue. You can also restart the computer or device, or reset the internet connection to rectify the problem.
  • If none of these methods work, then contact the host service provider. They may resolve the issue or have an answer as to why your IP address is banned.

Fixing 403 Errors

The 403 error code is all about forbidden access response from the server. The server is working fine, but your request gets refused for some reason. To Fix 403 in WordPress, you have to look into the underlying causes. It can be a poorly configured web server, faulty plugins, or problems in access privileges.
The Wordfence 403 forbidden error comes up when the security plugin has a flaw. The administrator may have poorly configured it. Alternatively, the user may have violated a Firewall rule or is attempting to carry out an unsafe operation. The solution lies in reconfiguring the webserver.

Resolving 404 Errors

The 404 HTTP error is a common bug that you encounter online. It can be an annoying error that can also harm the website. The error code indicates that the server is working fine, but the resource requested by the client is not available.
You can fix error 404 in WordPress by finding the underlying cause. It can be a mistyped URL, caching error, or a DNS issue. It may also have something to do with WordPress themes and plugins. You can troubleshoot the issue by disabling the themes and plugins. You can also reset the WordPress permalinks and restore the “.htaccess” file.

How to Solve 406 Error

Clients can send a formatted request specifying a language, character set, and file type. These are known as Accept header requests. The server is functioning okay, but it cannot provide a response to match the request. To solve 406 WordPress error, you should also look into the web server’s security restrictions. You will have to check the links, root folder’s files, and firewall program violations. You can revert the system to a previous state or contact the server’s host for help.

Finding Solution For 429 Error

A bad plugin can be the cause of 429 HTTP errors. The more common source is the client making an excessive number of requests from an IP address. Plugins can also make server requests which get rejected. The website becomes inaccessible, and troubleshooting becomes necessary.

To Solve 429 error in WordPress, you have to put in a lot of effort. Excessive server traffic can be due to a bot, plugin, custom script, or visitor. Check your plugins, themes, or as a final resort, call the server host for assistance. You can also take a certified professional’s help to resolve such issues.

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