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Hire a full-stack WordPress developer for theme & plugin development

WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) in the world, primarily because of the thousands of themes and plugins it provides. Some of them are so functional and advanced that you can fully customize them without any coding or design skills.
However, there might arise a design or functionality requirement that any of the existing themes and plugins do not meet. Here’s where the custom theme and plugin development comes into play.
This article talks about why you might need a custom theme or plugin, and why to hire a WordPress full stack developer.

Why may you need a custom theme or plugin?

If you are an avid user of WordPress, you might be acquainted with the tons of stunning themes and plugins available for use. However, there are some situations when you need a certain design element or functionality that is not met by the existing options. Here is when a custom theme or plugin development can help.

Benefits of custom theme development:

  • It has the exact same design, visual appeal, and functionality you need.
  • You get only the options you need.
  • You can stay rest assured of the quality of the theme during all stages of the development process.
  • Benefits of hiring WordPress programmers for plugin development:
  • You can get any functionality you want on your site.
  • You don’t have to pay a subscription fee.
  • You can get on-demand updates.

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How to hire the best WordPress developers?

Once you have made your mind to get a custom theme or plugin, it is time to hire WordPress developers. This step can be tedious because the number of WordPress developers is increasing, which has made it difficult to find the right experts for your needs. But, here is a quick two-step process to find the perfect developer for your need.

Understand your requirements

Before you look to hire WordPress developers, you will need to determine what exactly are you want to be done. If you are looking for a new theme, what attributes do you want it to have? Do you want a one that has an exceptional visual appeal or one that is highly functional? The same goes for a plugin.
Do you need one for improving website speed or one for facilitating faster transactions? Answering these questions will help you decide what type of developer you need to find. If you are only looking for visual upgrades, a designer can be a better pick. But if you are chasing functionality, you will need a developer. Here are a few points that can help you narrow your selection process.

  • A designer can help you with beautiful designs and visuals, but he might not be able to code it into a highly functional theme.
  • A developer can do all kinds of coding and functionality tasks, but he cannot work on the visual side of things.
  • If you want a custom plugin, only a developer would do. But, if you are looking for a new theme, you will need a combination of a developer and a designer. Else, you can also pick a person who is an expert in both development and design.

Where to find a developer?

You can outsource your design and development requirements to several places. Here are a few quick ways to find and hire WordPress developers.

An agency: You can cut down the hard work and pick a renowned agency to work with. You can either pick a local agency in your area or find one online. However, working with an agency can be expensive.

Freelancers: You can head to websites like Freelancer and Upwork and find talented freelancers. All you need to do is create a project, and you will have bids coming in. Analyze the bids to find the best developer.

Recommendations: If you have a network of website owners that have recently hired developers or WordPress UI designers, you can ask them for a recommendation. But, be sure the source is trusted.

WordPress meetups: Although this method might not work if you urgently need a developer, WordPress meetups can provide you opportunities to meet some of the best WordPress developers to hire. These meetups are organized on a consistent basis, and if you want to find a skilled developer for your website for the long-term, these meetups can be an ideal pick.
Besides, you can also explore digital channels like Google and other social media platforms.

Final thoughts

If you have a traditional website, you might never feel the need to get a custom theme or plugin. But, if you own an e-commerce store or a highly-functional website, in-built themes and plugins might not serve your purpose. Custom development is an excellent solution to this hurdle as it provides you with the desired visual appeal and functionality. Follow the steps discussed above if you want to hire WordPress developers.

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