WordPress 500/503/504/522/524 Errors

WordPress 500/503/504/522/524 error assistance

WordPress is a popular and secure platform for websites and blog publications. On the internet, you will find millions of sites based on this platform. Easy customization and thousands of useful plugins made this platform so famous. Search engine bots also find this platform easy to crawl. Therefore, a site/blog published on this platform easily gets ranked in the search engine. However, maintaining and modifying a site or blog on this platform is not so easy. Developer often encounters server errors (500/503/504/522/524). Let’s see why the website or blog generates this type of error and how to fix them.

Error 500

It is a server-side error and originates when the server runs low on memory. Often corrupted htaccess files also generate this problem. If the codes take too much resource from the server, then you might face this error. Also, any corrupted file in the root system can generate this problem.

  • Increase the memory limit of the server.
  • Make sure the htaccess file is not a corrupt one.
  • Replace corrupted root files from the server.
  • Do not let any faulty plugin or PHP code run on the server.
  • Ask the hosting provider for WordPress 500 error assistance.

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Error 503

Usually, this error generates from the faulty PHP script. A custom code snippet, theme, or plugin can cause this problem. The DDoS attack or server glitch also creates this error. When a site or blog goes to maintenance mode, the user might find this error code.

  • Debug custom snippet before installation. It will fix WP 503 error in WordPress.
  • Install the default theme to rectify the problem.
  • Please make sure the plugins are not causing the problem and disable them one by one to find the error inducing plugin.
  • Determine that the server is not under DDoS attack, and not overwhelmed by the user requests.

Error 504

This error occurs when communication between two or multiple servers get restricted or fail to complicate within a specific time. Delayed response from the upstream server also may cause this problem. Any change in DNS or firewall setting can cause this problem.

  • Please communicate with the website host and inform them about the error.
  • To fix error 504 in WordPress, check the DNS setting for unwanted changes.
  • Check the server log for connectivity issues.
  • Change firewall setting for seamless communication with the upstream server.

Error 522

This error generally occurs when a TCP connection fails to connect with the server. There can be multiple reasons behind it. However, the most common reason is restricted server firewall settings. Geo-location blockage from the server also can generate this error.

  • Check firewall settings of the server to solve 522 WordPress error.
  • Check the geo-location blockage log of the server.
  • Consult the hosting provider about this error.
  • White-list restricted IP addresses.

Error 524

This problem is also known as a timeout error. As the name indicates, the server takes too much time to respond. Improper coding is the primary reason behind this error. A user usually sees this error when the server fails to respond within 100 seconds from initiating the query.

  • Check the health condition of the server.
  • Avoid long lines of codes that take more than 100 seconds to execute.
  • Adjust the server settings and improve the performance of the server.
  • Solve 524 error in WordPress by removing those plugins, which takes too much time to respond.

Precautions you need to take to avoid the situation

Before rewriting any code on the server, you need to take some precautionary checks. The first step will be to back-up all the server files. Otherwise, you may lose all of them permanently in an instant. You can also keep backups of the site daily, for extra protection.

Experts usually advise choosing reputed hosts, who provide WordPress 500 error assistance on emergency. Before selecting any host, check out the testimonials of other users and how quickly they respond to the problem.

Never install any custom code snippet that you are not familiar with, on your site. Most of the 500 errors occur from corrupted PHP codes and faulty plugin. Determine the version support of each plugin before installation. Otherwise, you will face 500 errors because of that mismatch. Also, avoid heavy themes that take too much memory and resource of the server.

A server delivers better performance with streamlined codes. You can debug the site to find any problem in advance. Many people find this job very hectic. If your coding knowledge is not reliable and you want a quick fix, you can hire a third-party maintenance support service provider for WordPress 500 error assistance. Currently, there are many WordPress developers available in the market, and provide a quick fix in exchange for a small fee. These people are very reliable and very dependable. However, do not randomly choose a guy from the internet. Research and find a reliable support service provider.

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