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Move a Website to WordPress| WordPress Migration Services

WordPress is a great platform to migrate one’s website to. The only issue that can arise is that one already has those articles with photos on the original website/platform. One has a menu structure that the visitors like. One has categories that make sense for the website. One has subscribers. Also, there’s this necessity of still wanting the visitors to like the website like they used to.
Let us now understand how we can move website to WordPress seamlessly while ensuring the original structure is kept intact. The typical conversion process from any platform to WordPress would involve the following steps:


Step 1):-  Evaluating your current website.

A comprehensive review of your current website will allow you to figure out what you would need. When you wish to move website to WordPress, it becomes a massive project and you need to have a proper plan in place to make sure it’s done the right way. You should be clear of how you want your WordPress website to look like, and how it should act. You should also know the specifics of the kind of site it is and its purpose. This step basically involves going through the original features that one needs in the new WordPress website. It would include all your content types – pages, posts, and links, etc.

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Step 2):-  Installing WordPress.

You will be required to install WordPress either on your very own domain or you could do that on an offline server. In case you’re making use of the same domain, you can take the help of a new sub-directory for installing WordPress. It can then be moved to the initial directory or can be pointed to the sub-directory once when the website is prepared. In this manner, your initial website can remain active even while you continue to work on the new site. All in all, you don’t need anything extravagant yet – just WordPress installed on the domain would be enough.

Step 3):-  Importing the contents into the WordPress website.

To execute the importing, one can make use of a plugin or a script. Importers are readily obtainable for important platforms which include HTML and CMS coded platforms. You can also find importers for attachments, WooCommerce, users, comments, media and much more. If in case you don’t find your platform on the plugins list. Thereafter, you shall be required to upload the pages manually. To do this, you will have to create posts and pages by copy-pasting, your content. It is important to retain the original post titles and URLs. Making use of a spreadsheet is recommended to assist you in keeping track of URLs and titles. Running the import process two times would result in duplication or missing data in the new database.

Step 4):-  Set up the WordPress design

Once all the data has moved over, you would need to convert to WordPress design. This step involves getting the look and feel as you’d like it. This will include the theme, colors, helpful links, relevant logos, menu structure, and so on.

Step 5):-  Testing and debugging as needed

Before letting the website go live, you’d need to test and debug in order to fix errors, if any. You will be required to check for page loading, broken links image loading, visual errors such as the buttons, menu structure redirects, 404 page, media, etc. You can perform speed tests and make modifications as required. Using a maintenance mode plugin is recommended as the site is being tested.

Step 6):-  Going Live

Once the WordPress site has been fully tested and you are sure to go live, you can make it as our official site. But, before that, the readers should know what’s coming. You can write a post explaining what you are up to. Communication is crucial. There are two ways to make the new site your official site. The first method involves transferring one’s domain to the new host. In the second method, you simply refer the URL to the new site.

Step 7):- Revising as required

A successful conversion involves making detailed plans and sticking to them. Depending on the type of site one is migrating from, it can either be fairly simple or a hugely painstaking and time-consuming task. With the help of an effective plan and testing our results, you can rest assured that once the website is converted to WordPress, it shall be better than ever.
And this is how you move website to WordPress . With the minimal use of WordPress Migration Services, you can get the job done. Most of the WordPress conversion services available today are highly expensive, which is why you could use our guide to convert to WordPress website instead of using a WordPress website converter . The steps mentioned above are user friendly are uncomplicated to the highest degree for your easy understanding. We hope that your migration to WordPress is successful and that you enjoy a good customer base on your new platform. if you need assistance to migrate your website into WordPress you can hire our WordPress developers as per your need.

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