Migrate Wix website to WordPress

Migrate Wix website to WordPress | Convert Wix to WordPress

Wix is a renowned website building tool which allows you to choose from over five hundred templates and create a fascinating website as per your need. However, it won’t be long until you realize that you’ll have to spend a good amount in order to get access to some amazing features of Wix. This is where WordPress comes to your rescue. Its amazing website building features and user-friendliness have enthralled a large number of customers over the years. On top of that, it’s economical too! So the real question arises here – How do you actually migrate Wix to WordPress? In this article, you will learn how you can convert Wix to WordPress now and continue to grow your site even more than before.

Step 1):- Signing up for a Web Hosting provider of WordPress
In order to commence a fresh WordPress blog, you are required to purchase a web hosting and a domain name which will be created specifically for your website. There are plenty of web hosting providers available which you can purchase. Some of them are Bluehost, HostGator and SiteGround. Out of these, we highly recommend ‘Bluehost’ since they are officially recommended by WordPress.org as their hosting provider. As for your domain name, you could either opt for a new one or choose the other option which reads ‘I have a domain name’.

Step 2):- Creating a new WordPress website
Once you’ve purchased a hosting plan, it is time for you to install WordPress. Bluehost will install WordPress itself and you are only required to login to your dashboard. Upon logging in to your WordPress dashboard, it is suggested that you begin working on setting your WordPress permalinks. The permalink settings are supposed to determine the address of your posts. You can alter your permalink settings by clicking on ‘Settings’, then ‘Permalinks’ on your dashboard. After that, you will have to select your desired structure and finally click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

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Step 3):- Customizing the design of your Website
You could make use of the plethora of templates available on WordPress to build the design that you wish for. This will make the website look appealing and will captivate the customers. Despite the significance of the website design, you don’t want to spend too much time on it since the design can be easily changed later on. A pro tip is to thoroughly search the web as to how you can opt for the design that is most suited for your specific industry.

Step 4):- Importing Blog posts
Next up is the most vital step if you wish to migrate Wix to WordPress. Since wix doesn’t allow you to import its contents straight away, you’ll need to initiate this process by importing the RSS feed of your wix account. To begin, you will have to download the RSS file of your wix account, locate the file by adding the suffix /blog-feed.xml at the end of your Wix URL. A page filled with codes will pop up and you’re supposed to right-click on it and click ‘Save As’. Now, you’ll have to open your WordPress dashboard, click on ‘Tools’, then ‘Import’ and finally ‘Install Now’. In no time you’ll see an option ‘Run Importer’ which you have to select and then click the ‘Choose File’ button and choose the feed.xml file which you had saved on your desktop a few minutes before. Upon selecting the file you have to choose the ‘Upload file and import’ option. If you were prudent in following the steps as mentioned, then by this point you would’ve successfully imported your blog posts to WordPress.

Step 5):- Importing Wix Pages
Just like your blog posts, you have page on your Wix account too which needs importing. Since Wix doesn’t provide any such feature, you will have to recreate each page of yours in your WordPress account one at a time. To do this, first, you have to highlight all the contents in your Wix page you wish to transfer, then right-click and then click ‘Copy. After doing so you’ll be required to login to your WordPress and hit ‘Pages’, then ‘Add New’ so as to recreate the desired page. You will have to type the title of the page, then right-click and finally click on ‘Paste’. After pasting the page to your WordPress, you just need to press the ‘Publish’ button so as to publish the page properly in your WordPress account.

Step 6):- Creating the Navigational Menu
Once you’ve imported your blog posts and pages, you want to create a navigational menu. For this, you have to click on ‘Appearance’, then open ‘Menus’. Type a name in the menu bar and click the ‘Create Menu’ button. Then select the pages you wish to add and press ‘Add to Menu’ button and finally select ‘Save Menu’.
Congratulations! You have successfully migrated from Wix website to WordPress. The best part of this entire process was that you didn’t have to convert Wix to HTML, which is a strenuous task for most people. You could simply make use of cheap Wix to WordPress conversion services provided by BlueHost in order to execute the entire simple process. if you need to hire WordPress developer in order to do all the steps mentioned above, you can hire us. And this is exactly how you migrate Wix to WordPress. Get Assistance to move your Wix site to WordPress by our WordPress expert.

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