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Migrate Django to WordPress

Migrate Django to WordPress | Hire WordPress developer

Django and WordPress are two of the leading content management systems out there, offering unique sets of features and functionality. But, WordPress secures a slight edge over Django in terms of customization and functionality, making it a go-to CMS for millions of website developers.
Migrating from one CMS to another can be a daunting task, and if you are planning to migrate Django to WordPress, here is how a Django to WordPress developer can help.

Preservation of site SEO

One of the primary reasons people refrain from migrating their site is losing their website’s SEO. Here is where expert developers come into play. There are equipped with smart solutions to keep Django URLs identical to WordPress. In some cases, website owners do not use SEO-friendly URLs. If you are one of them, don’t worry as it can be fixed by establishing permanent redirections to new URLs.

Zero downtime

Django to HTML conversion includes backing up your Django database while working on other servers. Thus, your Django website does not suffer any downtime, and once the migration is complete, the WordPress site will be shifted to your server.

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Expert assistance

When you hire WordPress developer for migrating your site, you enjoy expert assistance as these developers are specialized in migration tasks of all kinds and complexities. Therefore, if you are facing troubles with migrating your site by yourself, hiring a WordPress expert would be the best pick.

No automation

Automation is taking over numerous digital tasks, but some of them still require human effort, and migrating websites is one of them. WordPress programmers do not use any automatic migration tools as they do not guarantee a complete, clear, and satisfactory result. Instead, when you hire WordPress programmer, you get several smart solutions for your website that assure the best possible outcome.

No Risk

Some people want to be the DIY-type, but putting your hands on something you are not an expert can have detrimental effects. Hiring an expert to convert Django to WordPress might require a small investment, but it comes without any financial risks. You don’t have to pay until your website is successfully migration, and you have approved it to be the way you desired.

No safety/security issues

Websites contain tons of data, some of them being highly sensitive. When you pick an expert to migrate Django to WordPress, you can stay assured that the security of your data will be the topmost priority. Experts use proven technology, along with taking every precaution to ensure your data arrives safely at their data center, stays safe and protected, and moves securely to your new site once the conversion is completed.


Another perk of hiring experts to migrate Django to WordPress, is, of course, expert assistance. Not only you get an expert working on your site, but you get extended support post-conversion as well. Different service providers offer different free support plans ranging from one to six months. Thus, if you run into any issue after migration, you can always rely on the experts for help.


When you take the process of conversion in your hands, it might take you months to complete it. Experts, on the other hand, take no more than a month to make your new site up and running.


CMS to CMS migration is a complex task, and most people try to dodge it. But, with competition and customer requirements increasing, businesses need to shift to a robust CMS. But, this migration process can be a tedious task. Thus, make sure the conversion is facilitated smoothly with the help of WordPress experts or developers. We’re 8+ Yrs old WordPress Development Company in India and USA. We have delivered 220+ projects related to WordPress migration services across the world.

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