Joomla to WordPress

The reason you’re here on this page is because you initially created your website on Joomla platform only to discover later that WordPress is much better. And now perhaps you feel stuck somewhere, figuring a way out of it. Well, we’ve got you totally covered with our expert services for Joomla to WordPress migration.

Benefits to Convert Joomla Website to WordPress

Although Joomla has earned a name for itself in the market of Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress is undoubtedly the leading player here. And here are some of the reasons to further prove why a switch might be in the waiting.

  • Quicker setup, easy deployment
  • Faster load time, reduces unnecessary delays
  • Intuitive user interface; great for beginners
  • In-built theme customisation options
  • Higher stability than Joomla modules
  • Excellent ecommerce platform too

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All that can be Migrated in Joomla to WordPress Conversion

If you’re wondering how much and what all you’ll be able to migrate from existing Joomla host to your new hosting account at WordPress, here’s a complete list.

  • Web pages that include static website content
  • Posts or articles posted on a page
  • Various content categories
  • Tags that match with specific posts of the source website, Joomla
  • SEO tags that include SEO title, keywords, and page and post descriptions of Joomla
  • Content images
  • User information or details
  • SEO URLs
  • Attachments

So as you can see, you can go about migrating from Joomla to WordPressDevelopment without a worry on your mind. All your data will be safe and secure and each critical component of data will be transferred carefully between the two hosts without loss in transition.

Choose the Best Partners for your Migration

You may be totally impressed with the WordPress platform but migrating your website from one CMS to another is something different. It can be quite a daunting task and we understand that. Therefore, we at WordPress Migration Help offer the best migration services to business entrepreneurs so that they can leave all the transfer business with us and focus on other critical aspects of their business.

Here are just a few reasons why you’d never regret having appointed us to assist you in your migration process –

  • Custom solutions for different needs – We serve multiple clients and each has their unique needs. So when no two clients are the same, why should their business solutions be the same? Therefore, we always focus on providing the most relevant conversion service solutions to our clients, based on their requirement.
  • 100% security guaranteed – The most common complaint during website migration is loss of data. We will take care of this problem as our expert team works on maintaining utmost security of all your data. What’s more, we offer specialised data backup services too so that you can restore specific data from the original source as and when needed.
  • Professional WordPress web development services – We aren’t just a migration service provider, we excel in website designing and development too. Whether you want a brand new domain name on WordPress platform or just clean up consistencies in your existing site, you can rely on us.
  • Best market rates – Our services come at a price that you can easily afford. All our rates are highly competitive and carefully decided keeping each task in mind and the corresponding time, effort, and money to be spent on it.
  • Regular support at irregular times – We understand that web needs may arise any time. Whether it’s with regard to ongoing maintenance of your website or issues with migration which you may need clarified the same day, you can count on us. Our team would be happy to assist you at all times.

Final Words

We can facilitate Joomla to WordPress conversions in the most simple and cost-effective manner. You may get in touch with us for more enquiry on this.

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