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Themeforest has come to become one of the most helpful tools for website developers going by the many helpful themes it provides. This Envato Market program is a robust tool that many developers have added to their carts and would continue to use in the future, given the many possible opportunities it would give their businesses.

ThemeForest provides website developers an avenue to buy quality themes for their websites and perform ThemeForest pro theme customization. Going by this description, you would agree that it has a very strategic position in the internet and software market. Come to think of it, website themes are an essential aspect of their all-round development. Besides, with a beautiful website theme comes many visitations and confidence. Without a captivating theme, page visitors would have little reason to stay back on a page and would find themselves go elsewhere. This would not mean well for any business.
At ThemeForest, website developers can buy great HTML templates. This can save them much effort used in creating one. Besides, it appears to be one of the most demanding steps in the website development process. When this hurdle is passed, your amazing website could be as good as done. If, on the other hand, you are an awesome template creator that would love to add your piece to the forest, you are welcome. That is what ThemeForest is all about – your piece to the world.

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Going by the catalogue at ThemeForest, there appears to be a lot of themes for users of WordPress accounts. Joomla and Drupal website themes are also very much available. With all these, you have no reason not to have your website created as soon as possible. Buying any theme from ThemeForest would depend on a couple of factors including the level of complexity of the coding and its use.

Install ThemeForest template

Installing ThemeForest template is quite easy, though there might be difficulties like ThemeForest update errors sometimes. Whichever way it appears, you will find a helpful guide by going through this article.

  • Installing via WordPress: If you are developing a WordPress website, you can install the template using the WordPress interface. The first step will be to download the file into your system. To do this, log into your account, locate your preferred theme and then select the ‘Installable WordPress file only’. You can download the zip file via this method. You are good to go.
  • Install via FTP/SFTP: You can also choose to install your ThemeForest template via FTP/SFTP. This would require you to fulfill some simple requirements that you must have been familiar with at this time. The first step is to install an ideal file transfer protocol (FTP) assistant to enable you to access the file. With this step done, you may proceed to your server. Getting access would require you to provide some very important details namely: server name, server location, protocol, server, username and password, and port. When your server is open, you may locate your themes folder in the WordPress catalog. From this end, you can download the ‘Installable WordPress file only’ template for your website. After downloading, use the FTP to open the zip file and extract the theme. From this point, you can locate your appearance tab and select the themes icon to activate the downloaded theme.
  • Install with Envato Market plugin: You can install ThemeForest template via the authorised Envato Market plugin. The first step to take on this would be to download the plugin zip file. Thereafter, log into your WordPress dashboard, and add a new plugin via the Plugins icon. Using this link, go to ‘Upload Plugin’ and install the Envato Plugin. Download, install and activate this plugin. After this process is completed, link this plugin to your Envato account to enable you to have access to your purchases. After successfully linking your Envato Market account, you would be able to get access to your choice themes and install them on your website.

Get ThemeForest Issues Help

Some themeforest responsive issues can arise when trying to install the website templates from ThemeForest. Ideally, this process is a smooth one. However, errors may arise sometimes. Some common errors are listed below with their solutions:

  • Downloading a different file: As stated earlier, download the ‘Installable WordPress file only’. Doing otherwise would generate an error.
  • Zip file doesn’t download: To resolve this, ensure your version of WordPress is up to date and running. Also, ensure that your themes folder is compressed.
  • White screen: This may arise when there is a shortage of memory in your server space. To resolve this issue you may ask your hosting provider to increase your memory space, or increase it via the hosting cPanel, or doing so with FTP.
  • Wrong theme folder: When installing with FTP, it is wise to ensure that the downloaded folder is unzipped.
  • Token doesn’t validate: This could happen when you have used the wrong code or unchecked some necessary API permissions hen using the Envato Market Plugin. If this is the case, go back and start again making sure not to uncheck important permissions.


Installing a preferred theme to your website can be much easier now than ever with the right amount of knowledge and guidance. If these processes are followed closely, you would be able to create the beautiful website you want. If you need assistance for theme installation failure issue hire our wordpress expert.

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