WordPress Vs Shopify! Which is Better for eCommerce Web Application?

WordPress Vs Shopify! Which is Better for eCommerce Web Application?

WordPress Vs Shopify

WordPress Vs Shopify:

Alright, so you’re already on Shopify, one of the leaders in the domain of eCommerce web applications. But now you want to expand your store presence by adding more specialized features and are looking for an option to migrate. Well, we strongly recommend making the move to WooCommerce, the most popular WordPress Plugin.

Why Migrate from Shopify to WordPress Development?

The advantages are glaring and too good to give a miss. Let’s look at some of them here –

  • WordPress facilitates automatic transfer of products, orders, customers, and other eCommerce-relevant data in the most secure manner possible
  • Shopify to WordPress Migration is absolutely free. WooCommerce is free to download the application when compared to other eCommerce apps costing thousands of dollars per year.
  • WordPress offers flexible solutions to clients allowing them to sell everything from physical products to digital downloads and content to subscriptions on its WooCommerce platform.
  • WooCommerce scores over Shopify with its excellent in-built SEO plugin and a large variety of content management options for retailers.

How to Convert Shopify Website to WordPress?

The process can be easily carried out in 8 simple steps. So let’s begin.

  1. Create an Account on Shopify. Go to the company’s website and follow the simple procedure to create your store account on the site.
  2. Install the Theme for Shopify – On the left-hand side, you’ll see Online Store. Click on it, go to Shopify Theme Store and then click on Visit Theme Store. You’ll see Explore Themes. Click on it and then find the most ideal theme that you feel would suit the best for your online store on Shopify. Once you’ve made the selection, click on Add Theme.
  3. Migrate Shopify to WooCommerce – This can be easily done through an excellent online feature called Cart2Cart, which allows automatic shopping cart migration service. You can use this to transfer your products, orders, and even customers carefully, making Shopify to WordPress conversion an easy task.

You will have to first sign up for Cart2Cart by creating an account. You can also choose to sign in using Facebook.

  1. Source Shopping Cart – You would now need to set up your source shopping cart, which in this case would be Shopify. You will need to enter the source cart URL as well along with an API Password.
  2. Get your API Password – In order to retrieve the API Password to Shopify, you need to login to the admin panel and go to Apps menu. Then click on Manage Private Apps and go to Create a New Private App. Here you will be required to fill out a short description and then save it by clicking on the Save tab. Your API key will be created which you can just copy and paste on to Source Cart Setup.
  3. Set Up Target Shopping Cart – The next step is to select WooCommerce and add the Target Store URL. In case you haven’t launched your WooCommerce store as yet, you will first need to do that.
  4. Get Target Store URL – Upon launch, download the Connection Bridge, then extract the connection bridge folder and paste it on your WooCommerce root directory. A dialog box will appear displaying the Target Store URL. Now click on Choose Entities to select the items that you wish to migrate.
  5. Start your Demo Migration – After making the selection, you can proceed to clicking on Start Free Demo which will enable you to see Shopify to WordPress Migration happening.

Summing Up

Shopify is a great portal for eCommerce web applications but WordPress is truly the leader in this domain, offering numerous advantages in terms of scalability, cost, and versatility. Therefore, it only makes sense to migrate your Shopify website to WooCommerce to avail its excellent benefits for your business.

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