Thinking of WordPress Migration? Read Some Important Points

Thinking of WordPress Migration? Read Some Important Points


Maybe you signed up for Joomla, Drupal, or any other content management system a few years ago when I started posting content, and now you have skipped the solution. You may be looking for different jobs or more features & tools to play with. Whatever the reason, you are ready to upgrade CMS as you consider WordPress for migration.

Certainly, each CMS platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Drupal is known for its huge active community. If you are not inclined to the technicalities of CMS, you can take advantage of Express Engine. Despite all these benefits, WordPress remains ahead of the pack. Here is why.

1. It is the most reputed & oldest CMS platform

WordPress was launched in the year 2003 when nobody knew what a CMS or a blog was. Although it started as a blogger tool, it soon became a platform for everyone from programmers to business owners with little technical experience. Each day about 1000 new WordPress websites are built.

WordPress longevity means it will stay there for a longer period. Don’t rely too much on some newer CMS platforms; They strive to attract a large user base, many of which close or get a competitor. Where does it leave you if you’re using it?

2. It is pretty simple.

For example, many Drupal and Joomla users find that they are too sophisticated to meet their needs. There are features that users scratch, they are not sure what to do. So they try to use a complex system to satisfy simple needs.

Although WordPress can be built to get advanced features, it stands out for its simplicity. It is based on the concept of “WYSIWYG”: what you see is what you get. If you can easily create a Word document, you can create a blog post or web page. Users do not need the ability to program, making it very popular for businesses without a programmer or web designer on staff. It is DIY at its best.

3. The ecosystem of WordPress is huge.

Do you want an SEO plugin? WordPress contains one. Looking for a website theme that is not used by a million other companies? Yes. WordPress supports you. Due to the large user base, a complete ecosystem of support features has been spread across the CMS platform. Third parties have made a lot of money creating widgets, plugins, and themes that are essential for WordPress users.

With more than 49,000 plugins, users have almost unlimited ability to customize their content management system with just the features they want, from selling products to republishing older blog content on social media.

4. The WordPress community is active and getting big day after day

One of the most tiresome and annoying things about using any content management platform is a question for which you cannot find an answer. New CMS companies have sprung up, but they cannot wait to create a community of scale that has built a more established brand like WordPress in over 10 years. So let you try to solve your problem on your own.
WordPress has a very active community. The brand website’s support page contains a forum for everything you can think of, from troubleshooting WordPress to accessibility issues, and there’s always someone who has solved a problem in front of you who can help.

5. It is open source or free.

It is difficult to understand why other CMS systems charge money when WordPress is available for free. Its $ zero price attracted millions of small businesses and people without a budget to pay several hundred dollars for an instrument.

Some of the WordPress competitors are also free but then charge for features or plugins. While some WordPress plugins have driven update options, the vast majority are either completely free or have a strong, free, free, and free version.

6. It is diverse.

Many of the early WordPress users chose to create blogs, but ever since (now that we’ve moved away from highly encrypted Java sites), we’ve seen more and more users create complete websites using WordPress. It is great for the sites as anyone can update them, and companies no longer need to hire a web developer to make small changes. Since WordPress is very convenient for blogging, it is easy to create a website with a blog without having 2 different CMS platforms that need to work together. Many other CMS solutions are geared towards blog or website design, not both.

7. Simple integration of online storefront.

A few years ago, if you like to sell products on your site, you should use a basic (not catchy) template created by Yahoo! Or any other website that hosts eCommerce or hires a designer to learn the complexities of creating a shopping cart. You now have the ability to easily integrate eCommerce systems with WordPress. If you are using an e-commerce platform such as WooCommerce, there are a few steps you require to take to fully integrate it with the WordPress site.

8. It is suitable for mobile devices.

If it has been years since you updated your website design, you may be hearing things about the need for a mobile-friendly website design. The idea is that you like your website visitors, regardless of the device they access, to have a fun and easy experience on your site. Older designs tend to appear strangely on mobile phones and tablets. But the vast majority of WordPress features are already compatible with mobile devices. WordPress theme developers constantly update their respected themes, and all you have to do is click a button on the WordPress backend to make sure you get the latest version and all of its features.

Let’s Wrap Up:

There are a plethora of reasons to consider switching to WordPress from your existing content management system, or simply starting WordPress if you do not already have a basic content management system. Ease of use, constant updation, and affordability mean that your website and / or blog will always be sophisticated and secure. A good WordPress development company can help you in effective WordPress migration services, so if you have any doubt you can contact such companies for the smooth migration process.

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