SEO Blogs and Websites you’d want to bookmark

SEO Blogs and Websites you’d want to bookmark


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) standards are constantly changing. Like social media, email marketing, and new technologies (AI), search engines are improving the way they deliver results to users every day. There is a lot of subjectivity involved when ranking SEO Blogs. Mostly the focus is on things like localization, page authority, click-through rate, and even voice assistant searches like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. As a marketer, it’s imperative to keep up with all of these news stories. Here is our list of the best SEO Blogs today to help you become a better marketer.

The Best SEO Blogs on the Internet Today –

1) Search Engine Land (SEL) –

SEO Blogs

Search Engine Land is one of the best blogs for analysis and acquiring knowledge on search engines. Danny Sullivan was founded in 2006. This blog focuses entirely on SEO news, having left Search Engine Watch, and unlike SEW. They publish many constituents as such. 135 posts are published on average per month. And up to 1,055 words average post length. SEL is worth following if you want to stay up to date on the state of the SEO industry.

Search Engine Land (SEL) has equipped every digital marketer up to date and also with information and everyday websites. The team at SEL is also up to date and keeps up with Google’s Quality Score Guidelines which are constantly changing.

SEL also provides a fresh and exciting look at various SEO topics. They are a reliable information hub for SEO topics thanks to their expertise and extensive knowledge of the search engine marketing industry.” – Founder & CEO Mason Culligan, Mattress Battle Inc.

2) Search Engine Journal (SEJ) –

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Search Engine Journal reports on search marketing news and tactics, from link building to Google’s recent algorithm changes. SEJ was founded in 2003 by Loren Baker as another popular SEO news blog.

They focus almost exclusively on SEO news, much like Search Engine Land. They have a similarly hectic publishing schedule. Average monthly posts: 130. The average length of posts: 906 words. But they sometimes publish the “big” content, like their extensive Google update history. For anyone new SEO, this is often a must-read.

“To keep track of everything in the SEO profession, you add a lot of people to your social media profiles, subscribe to newsletters, and review them carefully. This can be exhausting, especially if you have work to complete. Simply follow Search Engine Journal to remain up to date.” Tihana Drumev , CEO of Senior Content Marketing.

3) Backlinko –

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Backlinko is the most popular blog for single authors, founded by Brian Dean. Brian rarely posts new content, but when he does, you know it. He doesn’t do things by halves. His approach is quantity and quality.” “Backlinko is considered one of the best known single author SEO blogs and is perhaps one of the most popular blogs in the SEO world.

The author Brian Dean offers a range of services and training for SEO and has been listed in several reputable sources including Forbes and HuffPost. He doesn’t post frequently, but when he does (about 2 times a month), it’s something you won’t miss. His content is backed by information and years of experience, so his advice can be considered when developing your SEO strategy and technologies.” – TJ Welsh, Marketing Vice President,

“It’s very practical. All of Brian’s tips and advice apply to your website and you can see the results.” – CEO, Talk Travel, Saurabh Jindal.

“All of his posts will somehow teach you something new. He provides actionable content that explains SEO procedures. If you’re just planning to follow one person, Brian is your man.” – Matteo Gasparello, Founder, Contenuti Digital.

4) Ahrefs –

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The founder of Ahrefs – Dmitry Gerasimenko. “The Ahrefs blogs have good SEO applications and his blogs can teach the audience. Over the years, Mr. Tim Soulo, Mr. Hardwick, and Mr. Ong have taken turns writing their posts. Now they have further expanded their knowledge base with Patrick Stox, a prodigy of technical SEO.” – Owner and operator, Jason Thibault, Massive Account. Average monthly posts: 9. Average post length: 3,186 words.

“His blogs focus on industrial experts and marketers with tutorials, case studies, and opinion pieces. The goal is to keep you up to date on the latest digital marketing techniques and practices. They publish about 1-2 posts per week, always backed up with data. Ahrefs is an extremely leading blog in the marketing world and a great resource for anyone looking to stay up to date.” – TJ Welsh, Marketing Vice President,

“Ahrefs is one of the top SEO tools, and prioritized creating its SEO Blogs are equally perceptive and excellent. One thing that sets it apart from other blogs is its technical SEO content, tags, snippets, and other technical aspects are well explained.” – Pranay Anumula, Product Marketer, Keka HR.

5) Yoast –

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Yoast is a training and integration website founded by Joost de Valk for people who want to learn how to optimize their websites. His blog includes prioritized creating both SEO and user experience improvement tactics. Average monthly posts: 33. Average post length: 989 words. The main content is SEO, SEO, and WordPress SEO content. Most of their content.

“Although Yoast is one of the topmost and prominent WordPress plugins, many people are unaware that there is an SEO blog dedicated to WordPress websites. That’s why I advise WordPress users to use the most effective and secure SEO tactics available today to enhance their blogs.” – James Miller, CMO, Minuteman Review.

“You are possibly familiar with the Yoast SEO plugin if you have a WordPress-based website. Yoast was developed as a WordPress SEO expert and focuses largely on technical SEO on its blog. You’ll find insights and tips for your digital marketing game, as well as fantastic resources for beginners and seasoned SEO pros.

Yoast’s mission is to make SEO accessible to everyone, and this is showcased on its blog with a variety of content. Posts are published quite regularly, almost daily, and it’s certainly a blog you’ll enjoy visiting regularly.” – TJ Welsh, Marketing Vice President,

6) Moz –

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Rand Fishkin founded Moz and today it is a gold standard for SEO Blogs and how-to solutions. The team of contributors at Moz Blog provides a daily article to enhance your search engine marketing expertise. Moz is easily the most well-known SEO blog and for good reason.

Over the years, Rand and his team have published quite a few great things, and they continue to do so regularly. Some notable examples include their now-famous “SEO Guide for Beginners” and their ever-growing whiteboard video collection. Many of their posts are increasingly inactive – some have not been updated in years.

“Anyone who knows anything about SEO Blogs knows Moz. Moz is a powerful blog backed by leading SEO data from the industry. This blog provides a wealth of advanced search optimization information and a better understanding of your target audience. They also have an archive section in case you can not find what you are looking for” – Umarah Hussain, PR & Executive Outreach, Colewood.

7) SEMrush –

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Dmitry Melnikov & Oleg Schegolev founded SEMRush. These are at the forefront of today’s SEO Blogs trends, offering SEO advice from a variety of angles – from app development to social media to voice search. Average monthly posts: 28. Average post length: 2,056 words. SEMRush publishes a variety of content on SEO – about one post per day. Many famous names, such as Gael Breton, Ryan Stewart (WEBRIS / From The Future), and others have contributed to their blog.

“SEMRush is a veritable treasure trove of digital marketing knowledge, with insightful articles on topics such as SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and more. SEMrush also focuses on important industry updates, strategic ideas, and guides to help you with various aspects of SEO, as well as insights into specific categories. You’ll find the resources you need whether you are a beginner or a seasoned SEO expert.” – TJ Welsh, Vice President of Marketing,

8) Neil Patel –

SEO Blogs

Neil Patel and his experienced marketing team bring marketing news from all angles – SEO being one of them. Their videos are as fascinating as their blog posts.

“He provides in-depth how-to guides as well as most captivating videos about Digital marketing. His writing style is informal and easy to read. Even when he explains simple principles, he does not patronize you.” – Content Marketing Manager from Hannah Stevenson, UK Linkology.

“Neil Patel offers a series of in-depth articles on SEO with insider tips & tricks on how to grow your website organically. He is an SEO guru, and his site reflects a top SEO Blogs.” ” – Umarah Hussain, PR & Outreach Executive, Colewood.

In the world of digital marketing, Neil Patel has become a well-known man, offering years of SEO experience and a wide range of services to take their marketing to the next level. Unlike most blogs, he includes a variety of content, mainly videos, and pads. You can find what works best for you on Patel’s blog for media consumption. Patel’s podcast is referred to as a marketing school, offering short tips and information on various topics and strategies for SEOs. It’s perfect for people who want to stay up to date but are still inquisitive. Among his podcasts and videos, you’ll find some of the bigger ones with his sometimes thoroughly written blogposts. -TJ Welsh, VP of Marketing,

9) Diggity Marketing –

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Matt Diggity founded Diggity Marketing. The only selling point is that he gives tips and advice based on test results. In other words, he does not just blindly reproduce things he’s read elsewhere. He tests his ideas and reports on what works and what does not. He also puts out a monthly newsletter that is worth subscribing to. Average monthly posts: 2nd post longitudinal average: 2,709 words.

“Matt Diggity is one of the Topmost SEOs globally, and I organized for his guide over other well-known gurus like Neil Patel. Matt’s work seems higher level and contains a lot of information you can not find elsewhere.” – Stewart Vickers, Founder, Artisan Shaving.

“Matt Diggity’s content is very thorough and all of his ideas are backed with data and research. As a data-driven marketer, I appreciate that he avoids any theory regarding SEO Blogs and focuses solely on testing and research.” – Octiv Digital, Jeff Romero, Co-Founder.

10) SEO by the sea –

SEO Blogs

Founded by longtime marketer Bill Slawski, this SEO outlet draws on your organized records so you get some of the most in-depth news and analysis on the latest rankings. If you want to know how Google works, how Google can work, and how Google can work in the future, you can follow Bill Slawski.

He is best known for breaking down many Google patents and white papers and analyzing this software, which makes his blog a great place to learn what search engines are doing. SEO by the Sea was founded in 2005, but Bill’s experience in online marketing goes back almost 30 years. You should follow his work, I highly recommend it.

“Google generally patents any part of its algorithm that it believes gives it a competitive advantage over potential rivals. You have to partially disclose your algorithm and make the way you implement things available to the public. That’s the problem? Patents are written in jargon that is extremely difficult to understand. Fortunately, SEO by the Sea reads every patent and then reads the rest of us in plain English. For the SEO industry as a whole, this is a very valuable resource. The information comes directly from Google itself and no tactics or strategies typical of other SEO blogs are embellished or exaggerated. In the SEO world, Bill is a breath of new air.” – Sidney Alexander, CEO, Digitized.

11) Hobo-web –

SEO Blogs

Shaun Anderson is the founder of Hobo-web. It’s one of the most popular SEO Blogs out there, almost certainly. Shaun’s posts are not numerous, but you can bet that when he posts something, it’s worth reading. His posts regularly exceed the 5K wordmark, and while word count is not everything, they are well structured and a great pleasure to read. Average monthly posts: 2. Average post length: 3,733 words.

“With 20 years of web marketing experience ranging from small businesses to educational institutions to medical and legal professions, he is surely competent. The best single-author SEO Blogs there probably is. You get much more quality than quantity from him because he only posts once or twice a month. There’s no fluffy or incomprehensible content, so you know it’s worth reading when it’s published. The posts are very detailed, often over 5,000 words.” – the founder and CEO Tom Scarda, The Academy of Franchise.

12) Search Engine Watch (SEW) –

SEO Blogs

SEW is probably the oldest SEO blog on our list, started in 1996 by Danny Sullivan. SEW is a mix of guides and news articles between a website and a blog. Again, it publishes about 29 articles each month. There are also some well-known writers and columnists, like Ann Smarty. This blog was suggested by several readers and covers a wide range of search engine marketing issues. Average monthly posts: 29. The average length of posts: 1,699 words.

“Search Engine Watch covers a wide range of digital marketing and advertising topics, but the site focuses mostly on search engine marketing. It’s a good blog to help marketers keep up with the fast-paced world of search engine optimization, with lots of content focused on helping marketers with current and future trends (like mobile and voice research). – Founder and Director of Teclogiq, Sanjay Patoliya.

13) Cognitive SEO –

SEO Blogs

Founder of Cognitive SEO: Razvan Gavrilas. They have been publishing some good material lately and have started to pay off by ranking their performance in organic search. In less than a year they have tripled their organic search.

“The website is not particularly modern, however, the blog posts are well written. “They’re well-written and do a wonderful job utilizing visuals to make the argument plain and simple,” says Dan Gower, owner of Buddy Gardner Advertising.

14) Content Marketing Institute –

SEO Blogs

SEO success depends on content marketing. The Institute for Content Marketing (CMI) is a hub for content marketing where you can get and share insights on SEOs, storytelling, social media, and more.

“Content Marketing Institute aims to “improve the practice of content marketing,” and they take pride in being one of the world’s leading content marketing and training providers. Their blog is full of articles and resources to help you complete your content marketing strategy. This is a resource you do not want to miss as multiple authors cover a range of topics around SEO and digital marketing” – TJ Welsh, VP of Marketing,

15) Search Engine Roundtable (SERountable) –

SEO Blogs

The search engine is an SEO news website that publishes 5-6 posts per day. It was formed in December 2003 by Barry Schwartz (average). Although most of the posts are quite short, they serve the purpose of keeping the SEO community up to date on search activities. In addition, SERoundtable accepts contributions from the search community. You can then use this form to let Barry and his team know when you find interesting news in a search marketing forum thread.

“Latest SEO-related news can be covered by SE Roundtable. Their goal is to inform readers about “the most interesting topics” in various search engine marketing forums. So they are sure to report on what people are talking about and looking for information about. They have prioritized creating a one-stop-shop for SEO news and information, rather than surfing various threads and websites. This is a resource you would not want to be without, having won several awards over the years.” – TJ Welsh, Vice President of Marketing,

16) Google Central Blog Webmaster –

SEO Blogs

If you work in the search engine marketing industry, you need to know what search engines do. Google’s Webmaster Blog provides marketers with information about changes and updates from Google. “In recent years, Google has taken transparency with the webmaster community very seriously, so any changes to the ranking algorithm always appear on this blog first.” – Erico Franco, Gravity’s Inbound Marketing Manager.

“What better place to learn about Google algorithm updates than the search engine itself? You should know the regular updates of Google Webmaster Blog for your rankings and regular tasks in Google Search Console.” – Founder and Director of Teclogiq, Sanjay Patoliya.

17) Distilled Blog –

SEO Blogs

The Distilled team provides insights and thoughts on digital marketing, using SEO Blogs as a conversational medium. Founders: Will Critchlow & Morris Duncan. Will Critchlow co-founded DistilledU in 2005 and has co-founded an online SEO university (SearchLove) among other things.

He has also formed an incredibly talented Distilled team, many of whom regularly publish great posts on the Distilled blog. Some of Will’s posts include unique ideas about internal linking, such as this one. Average monthly posts: 5. Average post length: 1,763 words.

18) Matthew Woodward –

SEO Blogs

Matthew Woodward is the founding member. Matthew Woodward’s blog was started in 2012 as a test. He wondered if he would do SEO without building a link. In less than a year, he grew the blog to six. Today, Matthew publishes extensive posts and guides on everything from internal links to affiliate marketing. So even though his blog is not 100% focused on SEO, he writes a lot about it. Average monthly posts: 9. Average post length: 3,414 words.

“Matthew Woodward is a fantastic educator who knows how to explain SEO in easily digestible chunks so that anyone can understand his articles and lessons. Most of his articles include videos detailing how to implement specific SEO actions.” – Keno Hellmann, CEO,

19) Robbie Richards –

SEO Blogs

Robbie Richards publishes some of the most detailed guides in the industry. The average post length (last 3 months) is 12K+ words. Not surprisingly, he only averages 1 post per month. Average post length: 12,030 words.

“For the past five years, I have been following Robbie’s blog, and it’s been a godsend. His articles are full of fantastic and practical ideas that are easy to follow and the of people impact on your website and organic traffic. Robbie covers everything you need to formulate a successful SEO Blogs strategy, from ideas to competitive analysis and keyword research. He also provides very usefully (free) Google Sheet documents that automate some tedious tasks and provide valuable insights. When using SEMrush or Ahrefs, you will find detailed instructions on how to gain extremely useful information from these tools that will further your SEO strategy and take it to the next level. I have used some of his ideas and strategies to help my clients, which has resulted in a lot of traffic, so I have no hesitation in recommending this blog!” – Daniel Reeves, Dandy Marketing Co-Founder, and CEO.

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