Is Your WordPress site not working? How to fix WordPress troubleshooting?

Is Your WordPress site not working? How to fix WordPress troubleshooting?


WordPress is one of the easiest and commonly used platforms to create websites. This does not mean that there would be no error or problems. There are numerous common problems and even some that might wreck your entire site. What should you do?
Is this the first time WordPress issues are lining up in your system? Are you not sure how to deal with them? Here is everything that you need to now.

Take a backup of your site

You will never know what kind of WordPress issues would pop up. It is true that the WordPress support company would help you with any issue with reduced consequences, but, you cannot take that chance at any time. There are numerous plugins available for back-up. Sometimes, your admin access would be broken, and in such cases, you can back up your files and database and restore your sites.

Deactivate your plugins

It is true that WordPress troubleshooting might show problems in some different settings or features but, basically, it can be because plugins conflict with each other. This is not a universal case; however, the chance of this happening is quite higher. The best way to find where the WordPress issues are generating is the trial and error method. Deactivate all the plugins and check for the error, and if they do not exist, then one of the plugins is causing havoc. Try de-activating one after another, and you would find the culprit. If the issue has locked you out of your admin panel, you can use phpMyAdmin or FTP client to deactivate your plugins.

Your theme

Sometimes, the ‘WordPress login page not working ‘ error message is just a theme related problem. Just go to the appearances menu and choose the default one. If you are not able to reach the appearances menu, use FTP to download the active theme to any folder in your computer and then delete the theme. When there is no active theme, your site will switch back to the default theme. If the theme is the culprit, your problem would be solved, and you can carry on.

Check your Permalinks

What are Permalinks, and how does it cause connection timed out WordPress errors? Permalinks are used for SEO purposes of creating URL structures, which would give a better ranking on Google. If they are not updated and/or configured, it can cause this error. Go to settings and reach the Permalink option and then click on ‘save changes’. It would automatically refresh the permalinks.
.htaccess file.

If you have any internal server error, it might be due to a corrupted .htaccess file. Connect with the FTP client and find the file (it will be hidden). Download it to your desktop and then delete it from your site. Now, refresh the permalinks, and it would regenerate the new .htaccess file.

URL setting problems

If the site address URL and the WordPress Address URL are not the same, it will cause many errors. If you find too many redirects error WordPress problem, it would be the URL related one. Change the URL into similar ones for both the addresses using settings or use FTP client.

Indexing problem

If your site is not being indexed, you need to go to settings and then to the reading page. The ‘search engine visibility’ option should be unchecked. This will allow your site to be shown in the Google search. This option should be switched on only when you are not ready to put your site online.

Email troubleshooting

Some hosting service providers might make mistakes in configuring email settings. This will cease email reception to the site. This includes notifications from WordPress too. Talk to your service provider to solve the problem.


Do not forget that WordPress admin not working could be due to malware, virus, or even Backdoors. If you think your site is being infested, you can choose any security service website to monitor or scan your site.

Blank white screen

The common name for this problem is the ‘White Screen of Death’. This problem would cause every detail in your site to vanish, and your site would be just a bad white page. To avoid this, check for plug-in compatibility and also remove any troubling ones. If your plugins are good, try to de-activate the theme.

Maintenance error

In some cases, your site would show a page as ‘Briefly unavailable for maintenance’. This happens when WordPress is being updated. If the message prevails for longer, log into the site with FTP client and check for .maintenance file in the site root and delete it.

Changes not being incorporated

Say, you changed the plugin or added a new theme. When you check with your online site, there are no changes. In such cases, delete your browser cache and try again. This will help to solve the problem.

Syntax error

This error message shows up if there are any mistakes in the structure of your PHP. This includes even a small mistake like a curly bracket or a semi-colon. The message also shows where the error is, and you can troubleshoot it with ease.

Choose a good support forum

It is true that you can troubleshoot almost all the errors on your site. In some cases, the errors might escalate or would be persistent to any simple fix. In such cases, it is time for the big guns to step in. The best part about WordPress is that it is a community element. There are numerous forums out there, who would help you fix your problems. You can upload screenshots, images, links, and ask for solutions.

If you want additional help, there are many service providers who can handle such problems and provide solutions 24/7. If you are choosing such service providers, make sure to choose a reliable one, and from your side, you always make a backup of your site before you make any major changes. Your website is your money maker. If your site is down for a day, you could lose a large population of current and potential clients to your competitors.

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