Is WordPress a Good CMS to Migrate Your Sites?

Is WordPress a Good CMS to Migrate Your Sites?


WordPress has grown into a rich-featured CMS offering vast opportunities for creating blogs and full-sized websites. This is an intuitive interface and the countless themes and customization opportunities that have made it the most popular CMS on the web. In addition, with WordPress plugin architecture, you can extend your website functionally far beyond the limits. WordPress is a perfect combination of advanced functionality, and it’s easy to use. 

Everyone wants the best for themselves. WordPress has been used by people for years and has a good trust platform. The right site offers countless benefits to the users. WordPress is one of them. It’s highly flexible and easy to manage.

  • It’s Free: 

Usually, most CMS charges money for their usage, whereas on the other hand, WordPress is free for all. You can write blogs, modify your websites, and do anything regarding your work. It won’t charge you. This is one of the topmost benefits of using WordPress. 

  • Easy to use: 

There is no extra thing you need to learn for using WordPress. Simply, neither coding nor programming is the cup of tea WordPress needs to have. You will be amazed by its ease. It’s based on the WYSIWYG concept. So, if you are looking to do work on it, you can simply make your blog page. 

  • Mobile-Friendly: 

Maximum CMS requires a PC, and other requirements are there. But, if we talk about WordPress, then it’s Mobile-Friendly. You only need to have an android cell phone to install WordPress and start working. WordPress is not demanding enough for which you have to arrange things out of your box. 

  • SEO Ready: 

Search Engine Optimization is a vital aspect of website building. And WordPress is eligible for this factor. Not only this, but it’s also providing numerous plugins with that. These all factors help to enhance search engines results. 

Steps To Migrate Your Site To WordPress

Step 1: Identify Your Website Platform

For migration, the one essential thing you need to know is whether your site is static or CMS. A CMS site is built on top of the Content Management System, whereas a static one is a simple HTML site. By entering your domain name, you can determine whether your site is developed or not. And, if it isn’t, you would be looking to hire a professional content Developer to migrate your site to WordPress. 

Step 2: Choose a WordPress Hosting

When you migrate your site, you will need a new domain name. A domain name is a URL that people will type to visit your website. This is the place where you will post all your Content. So, that’s why you need a specific domain name, where all your work would be stored. 

Step 3: Install WordPress And Select A Theme

Install WordPress on your mobile or PC and set its theme accordingly when you are done with all the basic steps. Then, add names and taglines to your website through Bluehost since numerous themes with different features are too free of cost. You can go through them and select an appropriate one for yourself. 

Step 4: Export Your CMS Based Website

Exporting your source website from a CMS is so easy. When you goy through, then click on the admin section. There will be an option to export the XML file with complete content, media, and Database. You will need to store this file on your computer for the migration. 

Step 5: Import Your CMS Based Website Into WordPress

To import your CMS-based website, you first install and activate WP All Import Plugin. From there, you can go to files and then respectively import your CMS-based website into WordPress. 

Step 6: Manage Redirects and Permalinks

You need to add Redirects on your website to preserve search engines rankings. This will help you so that when a user visits your URL, it will direct them towards your new WordPress site. This is the kind of advantage that saves them time and effort. 

Things To Do After Migration

After migrating your site to WordPress, you have to do next to use all the potential of WordPress. This will facilitate you with all of your requirements. After that, it’s up to you how you will manage it wisely. Initially, you will see many features, but slowly-slowly, you will figure out the one you need. Let me introduce you to some of them. 

  • Sucuri: 

Hacking is typical nowadays. It’s over us to protect our work with all apparent factors. Sucuri is a security feature in WordPress that will protect all your basic personal work

  • WP forms: 

This is the most Beginner-friendly WordPress contact from the plugin. You can use this feature to add a contact form, survey form, registration, and many more tasks

  • Backup Buddy: 

This is a Saviour feature in WordPress. That will save your work for the time of emergency. With this, if you lost your data, essential then you will recover it by using backup Buddy


WordPress is a simple way to enhance your website and modify it in any way you desire. The steps to migrating towards WordPress are easy. You don’t have to do much, and it won’t be a brainstormer that includes coding and programming. WordPress has easy steps if you are migrating from some other site. Apart from this, the features WordPress gives you are also worthy. Every feature is meaningful that will protect your work at any cost. So, it will be beneficial if you choose WordPress for your work. 

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