Guide to Integrate Salesforce Form in WordPress Site

Guide to Integrate Salesforce Form in WordPress Site

Integrate Salesforce Form

WordPress has been in talks for a few years now. There have been many changes in its functionality and software in recent years. On the other hand, Salesforce Forms have also become an integral part of websites nowadays because it helps in client-company relationship management. If these two things are combined, it will be a successful strategy for making progress on the website and getting new customers. This article is a guide on integrating salesforce form into WordPress websites.

What are Salesforce and WordPress?

If one is acquainted with the term “Customer Relationship Management,” then they must be aware of the fact that Salesforce is one of the leading platforms for this in the world. It aims to manage the leads and interactions that might help convert prospective clients into customers and follow up with the customers who are already there. One of these advantages is that anyone from the team can go through the details of how a customer interacted with the website, as in what they looked into or bought something.

Whereas WordPress is one of the well-known Content Management systems. It works in creating and hosting websites and that too of various types. This platform offers many free features wherein one has the flexibility to design their website the way they want. Not just websites, one can also create contact forms and resumes and can even write blogs. In short, it is a user-friendly website.

Significance of Salesforce WordPress Integration

Salesforce and WordPress are one of the leading platforms/websites on their own, but one might think of how great a combination it would be if both get integrated. All the information about prospective customers and existing potential customers will gather. Then, with the help of Salesforce and by using that information to boost sales and progress in the enterprise. 

Integrating both these notches will reduce the workload, as then there would be no need to manually enter all the data into CRM for each customer one after the other. There will be an automated data arrangement, and all form submissions will get directed to the Salesforce CRM. All this will help in segregating and analyzing data which will further help increase the company’s sales.

How to Integrate Salesforce Form in WordPress website?

A few steps will be discussed below that will explain the process of integrating Salesforce with WordPress. Though there are other methods too, here, the salesforce web-to-lead WordPress plugin method will be discussed. Also, it is the only one recommended by even Salesforce as it is a more user-friendly option. The steps are as follows:

Step-1: Install the Web-to-Lead Plugin

Before doing anything, first, install the plugin. One can also log in to their WordPress account. On the WordPress page, a button will be named “Add New.” Click on that, and you will be directed to a new page. On that page, search for the Brilliant Web-to-Lead plugin. And then activate it to use it.

Step-2: Get Salesforce Organization ID and Enter it

Next up is the step of entering the Organization ID. To get this ID, you must go to the Salesforce dashboard, where you have to click on the Setup option in the settings icon. Then, on the left side, go to Company Settings and Company Information. You can copy your Organization ID from there.

Then, you just have to enter the copied ID in the WordPress dashboard. Save the information by clicking on to Save WordPress-to-Lead Settings icon.

Step-3: Customize Form

Now that you have connected the plugin to Salesforce. It will create a form for you automatically. You will either have to customize it, or you can create a new one. You are free to customize each field, so you must check that too. If you want to customize the form, you must switch to the “Forms” tab and then to the My New Lead Form. After customizing it, you must not forget to Save the changes. You can customize the form type, success message, and many other details.

Step-4: Embed the form in WordPress

Now to insert the customized form into WordPress, you will have a unique shortcode that can be found attached to each form that has been created. Find the shortcode in the Form Editor tab on the right side of the screen. Then, by clicking on Pages on the WordPress dashboard, you can paste the shortcode into the editor tab. Then finally, click on the upload or publish option, and your Salesforce will be connected to WordPress.

There are two other methods:

  1. Salesforce Web-to-Lead Function
  2. Using WordPress Form Plugins


Salesforce, one of the leading CRM platforms, helps improvise the online customer-company relationship, which is when a company learns how a customer behaves on the website or form. And WordPress, which is one of the most used CMS platforms, works in creating and hosting websites. If both of these are integrated, it can be a great combination for the company to increase sales. The work of the company gets reduced with this integration. Its significance is also discussed above. Moreover, the process of integrating Salesforce with WordPress is mentioned, which can be followed for the same. There is not just one, but other methods too to integrate.

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