How to Fix WordPress Database Connection Error and Server 501 Connection Error?

How to Fix WordPress Database Connection Error and Server 501 Connection Error?


Knowing that your website isn’t working properly due to a WordPress database connection error or a server 501 connection error may be quite unpleasant. It can be even more frustrating and complicated if you have a business website. However, if these faults are ignored, they will directly impact your sales and other business activities, and correcting them will become a primary concern for your company and website. 

When WordPress is unable to connect to the database, these errors occur. Several factors can influence your WordPress database connection, making WordPress troubleshooting difficult for newbies. Don’t worry! This article will explain to you all the factors to fix these problems. But first, let’s just understand what exactly WordPress database connection error and server 501 connection error are.

What is a WordPress database connection error?

A MySQL database stores and organizes nearly all website data, including post data, plugin settings, login passwords, and more. When a visitor visits your site, WordPress uses PHP to query the database and retrieve the necessary data, which is then displayed as the entire page. A WordPress database connection error occurs when WordPress can’t access or doesn’t work correctly with your site’s database for any reason.

establishing-database-connection error

What is the server 501 connection error?

The methods utilized in HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) communication are referred to as server 501 connection errors Not Implemented. When the Error 501 code is returned, it means the technique used to fulfill the request on the server is either broken or unavailable as a result. This is a server failure rather than a website failure.

How to fix WordPress database connection error?

These are some following tips on how to fix WordPress errors.

1. What permissions WordPress is using to access your database

The first thing you should do is double-check your database login credentials to make sure they’re correct. The most common cause of the error message “trouble establishing a database connection” is this. Especially when people migrate to a new hosting provider. The wp-config.php file, which is generally located at the root of your WordPress site, stores the connection details for your WordPress site.

The wp-config.php file contains the WordPress database credentials. It’s the WordPress configuration file, and It contains all of your important WordPress options, including database information.

 The wp-config.php file should contain the following lines.

wordpresss database connection

2. Make sure the host information in your database is correct.

If you’re confident that your database name, username, and password are correct, you should double-check that you’re using the correct database host information.

Localhost is the database host for the vast majority of WordPress hosting companies. On the other hand, some managed WordPress hosting companies maintain databases on different servers. In that case, the database host information will not be localhost. So then You have to contact your WordPress hosting company to get or to confirm your information.

3. Restore the WordPress database 

If you get a different error in wp-admin, such as “One or more database tables are unavailable,” you should contact WordPress support. Here is what you should do. First, you must repair your database if you receive the notice “The database may need to be repaired.”

Put the following line to your wp-config.php file to do this. Before you start, double-check that everything is in order. ‘That’s it! There will be no more editing!’ wp-config.php.

  • define(‘WP ALLOW REPAIR’, true);

After that, go to this page to examine the settings:

wordpress database repair


4. Examine your database server to see whether it’s down.

The last option is that your database server is down. Again, it’s a good idea to double-check with your hosting provider that everything is working properly at this stage.

There are several reasons why your database host or server may be having problems,

  • There are too many database connections open

There are too many database connections open at the same time. As a result, some providers limit the number of connections a server can have at any given moment.

  • On your shared hosting server, there are issues with another website.

On your shared hosting server, there are issues with another website. If you have a shared hosting plan, you will be sharing resources with other websites. If one of them has an issue, it’s possible that it’ll harm your website. It may affect your website. This is one of the reasons why it is dedicated or managed. WordPress hosting services can be beneficial.

  • Problems with the hardware.

Hardware breaks down over time, and the server where your database is kept may be one of them. Your host should have redundancies in place so that if one server goes down, you’ll still be able to access your data, but this isn’t always the case, especially if you’re using a home or office server to host your database.

How to fix server 501 connection error?

These are some following on how you can fix the server 501 connection error.

1. Reload the page if necessary

Although it may appear futile, this attempt should be made anytime an error occurs in which the HTTP status code indicates that the site is unavailable, such as Error 501. This is because the failure could simply be a brief lapse in connectivity with the server, resulting in an internet outage that lasts only a few minutes. As a result, this is always a viable option.

2. Clear the cache in your browser

Several files are stored on the computer when a browser loads a page. Unfortunately, not all of these files are always refreshed when a new request for the same page is made. As a result, if they’ve been updated on the server, they’ll be out of date in the web browser.

This discrepancy between files can cause communication problems with the server, resulting in Error 501, even if the server isn’t down.

3. Virus-scanning

As we already discussed, the server 501 connection error might be caused by viruses or spyware on your computer. As a result, it’s crucial to maintain your antivirus software up to date and run a comprehensive scan regularly. Also, check to see if the product has a quarantine feature, which ensures that it will be properly neutralized if an identification occurs.

4. Server proxy settings should be disabled

The failure to access the website could be caused by the browser being configured to use a proxy server. This is because using this feature may make accessing the page more difficult. Check to see if the feature is turned on in your browser, and if it is, turn it off.


As you’ll see, there are a few different ways to fix the WordPress database connection error and server 501 connection error. The most common cause is incorrect credentials in the wp-config.php file. The best place to begin is by double-checking that those are correct.  So, hopefully, one of the methods listed above will assist you in getting your site back online. Every time remember that if something goes wrong with your site, you can always restore it from a backup. This is because if your page goes down, your visitors will be unable to access your content, which is bad for your business because you will not only lose that visit, but you may also lose a business opportunity.

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