8 Do’s and Don’ts for Creating a Perfect Website on WordPress

8 Do’s and Don’ts for Creating a Perfect Website on WordPress


WordPress is the most famous and easiest way to make a blog or a website. Out of all the websites that you can find on the web, almost 40 percent of the websites are made out of WordPress. More than one-fourth of the websites we visit are likely to be powered by WordPress. Hence, the demand for WordPress developers has been increasing day by day. More and more freelancers are learning WordPress to create WordPress websites. It is thus important for WordPress developers to keep in mind some Do’s and Don’ts before starting with their website.

List of 8 Do’s and Don’t for WordPress website:

Here are some of the things you must keep in mind while making your WordPress website.

 1. DO: Develop Yourselves

Some people might refrain from making a website alone. But, it is a must in the world of WordPress. Bootstrapping is the business term that refers to doing something alone without the help of investors. Bootstrapping is recommended by many WordPress development companies and entrepreneurs because it is a fantastic match for the entrepreneur who is just getting started with WordPress. There is a strong community behind this and it is fairly affordable. So, we have the opportunity of taking lesser risks and keeping all of the benefits that come along. WordPress’ robust developer community maintains a strong and influential platform which is according to the latest technologies. Many great businesses on WordPress have made use of their abilities and desires. Hence, WordPress is the ideal platform to develop.

2. DO: Purchase a Reputable WordPress Hosting Service

Many WordPress Development Companies provide low-cost web hosting, but they don’t meet your website’s needs. As a consequence, the website is sluggish, there is downtime, and so on. There are several variables to consider while considering a WordPress development service provider. Bandwidth, disc storage, server uptime, money-back guarantee, and customer support are just a few of the important features to consider. Remember to select a WordPress hosting company that meets your website’s requirements. Always choose the best cheap and finest inexpensive WordPress hosting that is not only affordable but also delivers hassle-free and good hosting so you can concentrate on your business.

3. DO: Offer User Assistance

The importance of having a good, solid support system cannot be overstated. You should be ready to answer inquiries and discuss solutions to problems that people bring to you. Better still, strive to foresee such questions and issues before they occur. This highlights your concern about your customers. Poor customer service is one of the fastest ways to lose a customer.

One of the many WordPress Development Services includes a FAQ WD. It is a plugin that makes it simple to add a FAQ section to your website, giving visitors a quick method to receive answers.

You must be responsive and timely if a consumer lands on any problem whenever trying to access a product or complete a transaction, etc. The WordPress community can once again be your closest friend and top advisor. Users may get troubleshooting suggestions for almost any issue they may have.

4.DO: Make sure to include client/customer benefits

Another item to add to the “to-do” list is to think about how to leverage WordPress Development Services into client/customer advantages. WordPress comes with a slew of features that you may elegantly package for your clients/customers’ advantage. Using WordPress enables regular updates as well as the ability to reach out to your consumer base and make a big deal about what you have to offer.

Advanced security features, personalization choices, multi-language support, support for a variety of currencies and delivery methods, and the addition of multimedia are just a few examples of additional features you may add to your WordPress site. These features are commonly seen in one of the best WordPress Development Companies such as Librafire, HumanMade, DevriX, to name a few. Users all across the globe can simply purchase items in a safe environment, select their desired delivery method, and pay in their local currency using WordPress. Users may effortlessly share your blog on social media, provide comments and reviews, and customize material based on their specific preferences.

5.DON’T: Without Permission, Use Copyrighted Images

Images are an important part of any website, and you may spend hours and hours looking for just the perfect ones. However, you must only use photographs that are in the public domain, and if a photograph is protected, you must obtain permission before using it, or you risk facing legal action. Istockphoto is an excellent place to find low-cost or no-cost stock photographs.

Not only the images but also the text is protected by copyright laws. Including such content without any permission will be deemed unlawful. If you utilize someone else’s copyrighted content, you might face monetary penalties as well as copyright infringement.

6.   DON’T: Ignore the security of your website

Hackers are frequently able to get access to websites. Many website owners are becoming increasingly concerned about cyber assaults. Hackers may hack into any website in a variety of methods, causing major damage to your site. Your website can be exploited in a variety of ways, including stealing personal information, taking control of your website, or implementing any of the web-based attack methods.

If proper precautions are not taken, your site may become vulnerable to attackers. Unless your website has been hacked, you may not realize the importance of website security. The more you secure your website, the more difficult it is for a hacker to gain access. Regularly updating WordPress, using strong passwords, guarding against assaults, and adding security plugins are some of the security steps you can take for your WordPress website.

7.DON’T: Just put it on the shelf and forget about it.

WordPress is such a simple business model, it’s easy to believe that you can just put everything up, publish, and wait for the magic to come. While this is true to some extent, keep in mind that WordPress is an ever-evolving platform with ever-evolving goods and services, and your company should be prepared to adapt alongside them. When adding new features to your website, don’t be afraid to do so. When you need to stay up with changes in your user base, such as new browser upgrades, you should upgrade. Change it up with a few small design adjustments to add interest. It can never become stale if you keep it fresh all the time!

8.DON’T: Get Ahead of Yourself

Unless you’re a techie, you’ll probably need help with the more technical parts of maintaining a website. WordPress includes a slew of plugins that may help you optimize your site for search engines, update it, collect user statistics, assess host performance, and more. The good news is that almost anybody can learn these abilities using plugins with very little effort. If you find yourself overwhelmed and perplexed, seek assistance from the WordPress community or hire a professional to assist you.


These do’s and don’ts are intended to aid you in your WordPress journey by giving you some suggestions to help you avoid those digital barriers that may keep you idling while grasping ideas that can propel you forward. Every day is an opportunity to build on your achievements, and having the correct tools and direction will assist you in laying a foundation that will last.

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