5 Common WordPress Errors : How To Fix In WordPress?

5 Common WordPress Errors : How To Fix In WordPress?


Either WordPress or any other CMS. Everyone faces errors at a particular time of duration. Some faceless errors, and some go for more. But, likely, WordPress is the one that comes on a less error site. However, we have to focus on some of the errors that the users of WordPress have faced. There aren’t many, but the users experience some. Those are the ones that restrict your growth. Let’s discuss the most common WordPress issues that we as WordPress development company will ask you to look out for. 

Common WordPress Errors

WordPress has allowed numerous people to start their careers and business online. In addition, they provide free services which don’t require any coding and programming. However, in all these advantages, there are some minor issues an individual can face. Let’s go through them. 

502 Bad Gateway Error

This is an error of websites. 502 Bad Gateway Error occurs when you visit a web page and another web page gets an invalid response. So, the problem is with the website only for which you can do nothing. And, for other times, this problem will occur due to the network issues in your equipment. So, now, let’s see how you can prevent this error. 

  • Check if the site is down for others: when your website will work like that, then firstly, check whether it’s you or other fellows also facing the same problem. If you find out that it’s for all, then there isn’t much you can do to rescue, but the problem might be from your end if it’s only for you. 
  • Refresh the Page: This is always worth doing and works for almost everything. This is a savior solution to reboot your device or refresh the page, whether for a phone or a PC. Because for maximum times it’s the internet connection that gives the error. 

403 Forbidden Errors

This error occurs when a web server forbids you to access the page you are trying to open. All the errors that come from within the website, like 403, are forbidden. In all of these, you can’t do anything much. But, still, let’s see what can be the steps you can go for. 

  • Double Check Your Address: This 403 forbidden error mainly occurs when you type an invite URL. So, you have to be careful while typing the URL. A minor mistake can cause an error. 
  • Try Again Later: If it’s because of network issues, you should wait for some time and then try that again for better results. 

Internal Server Error

This is an error on the webserver you are trying to access. The server is misunderstood so that it’s unable to answer the things correctly you are asking for. Like this, an internal server error occurs. 

This error is dangerous for your data stored. So, let’s learn about how you can solve this error. 

  • Backing Up Your Site: These errors require a lot of changes in your settings. You need to take backup all of your data. So, to prevent any mishap, your data will be saved at least. 
  • Server Timeout: most of the time, internal server error occurs because the server timed out or a script you are running timed out. If the server is down or the network isn’t there, it will also occur. 

Database Connection Error

This is an error that can cause your site to be temporarily inaccessible. Database Error occurs when PHP code is unable to connect to your MySQL for some reason. When this error occurs, it shows a blank sheet because there is no information about your site that has occurred. After all, it won’t be able to connect to the database.

 Incorrect login: This can be the possibility of a database connection error that you might have logged incorrectly. You should be careful while logging in so you can prevent this error. 

  • Corrupt Database: The WordPress website can be corrupted by numerous things like installation and plugins traffic.

Website Connection Timeout

A website Connection timeout means when the server is taking too long to reply. This tells you the cause and why it’s taking too long to reply. The purpose of a server timeout is to prevent a device from endlessly waiting for a server to respond. So let’s see how you can prevent this kind of situation. 


  • Edit Windows Host File:  you should check your host files from where it all started. This attentiveness will prevent this kind of error. 
  • Disable Firewall: check your disabled Firewall to investigate if it hasn’t been blocked from any kind of database. This will secure your information with that also. 


We have read about WordPress a lot and also about its benefits. But, little did we know that it has some errors too, which is normal. We have come across about 5 errors. All the factors and what can be done for the solution was also mentioned. We concluded that WordPress is good but even better if used with full attention. For developing or maintaining your WordPress website to make it free from these errors you can always hire a wordpress development company right away.

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