PSD to WordPress Development

So you finally decided to host your website on WordPress platform? Congratulations! That indeed is one of the wisest decisions in the healthy interest of your business. And you’re just a few steps away from getting started too.First things first. The moment you decide to get your website on WordPress, you’d obviously want to decide on a unique yet attractive look and feel for your site. After all, your website is your face in the market; it defines you and what you stand for. It has to stand different in a crowd yet appeal to a mass of people.

So what do you do? Would you choose to select one of the pre-designed themes available on WordPress (which may already be in use, by the way!) or would you rather create your own custom theme that’s just as unique as you are?

If you chose the latter, congratulations again. Your website theme deserves to be special and different. And if you’re now wondering, how that could be possible, we’ll tell you how. By using a PSD (Photoshop Design) that contains one of your favourite images which you may be considering to use as a theme for your site.

Now how do you get a PSD on to WordPress? Again simple. Just convert PSD to WordPress by following an easy process and you’re all set to welcome a new and fresh look and design for your website.

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PSD to WordPress Development – Need of the Hour

Let’s face it. All your near and far competitors are going in for customised themes for their WordPress sites. Why shouldn’t you? There are tons of reasons to do so. We’ve listed out a few here –

  • You get your own unique design – We already talked about how your website needs to be just as unique as your business. And of course, your needs are different from that of your competition too. So why go for a pre-built WordPress theme which most of your rivals may already have chosen for their respective sites? You need to go in for a design that you feel defines your business the best. PSD to WordPress Designing makes all the more sense here.
  • You can get a hand-coded theme – Automatic conversion of PSD to WordPress is possible today with the help of a number of software available for this task. However, most of them fail to produce high-quality results for your site. When you convert PSD to WordPress theme, you get to avail the unique advantage of getting your site theme hand-coded by professional web designers. This guarantees the best quality results in coding.
  • You get to be flexible and versatile – Another great part about this conversion is that you’re free to make changes to your site theme, add more pages and posts, or any other functionality that you may deem necessary in keeping pace with the changing needs of your business.

Choose Professional Assistance for Simple PSD to WordPress Conversion

Agreed, you may have several software easily available in the market today which may give you an idea of how to go about this. Not to forget, there are online tutorials handy that guide you step by step on the procedure. Yet, the craft of a professional in creating a beautiful customised theme for your website cannot be substituted for.

This is where the professional assistance of WordPress development and migration service providers comes of use. They will take care of the entire process of WordPress Development with PSD images in literally no time and at the best competitive rates too.

What’s more, with all the time and energy saved, you get ample opportunity to focus on more important day-to-day business needs. Let professional developers and designers take care of what they’re best at and leave you to do what you excel in.

Why choose us heading and content?

We provide PSD to WordPress migration service with the best performance by leveraging advanced technologies. Here are a few reasons you should choose our WordPress development agency to convert your PSD design to WordPress.

Browser compatibility

This is the website’s most important feature. When a website has cross-browser compatibility, we can say that it is useful. In our PSD TO XHTML/WordPress conversion, we provide browser compatibility.

Manual coding

Never compare the code generated by auto software to the code written by a professional. The auto conversion software never produces quality code. PSD Markup offers a completely hand-coded conversion service. We’d write all of the codes ourselves.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

The internet’s search engine is a critical component. And if a website owner discovers that their site has a high ranking and has been indexed by search engines, they will be overjoyed. These are just a few examples of how we can improve.

Semantic coding

This is the most important step in the PSD to WordPress conversion process, and professionals can only do it. This is when an expert matches your data/content with HTML Tags.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Photoshop Document is abbreviated as PSD.
Generally, converting a design to HTML5 and CSS3 code takes around one working day. However, this varies depending on the design’s complexity. You will see an estimated delivery date; once you place your order, we will examine your needs before proceeding. We will notify you if we have any questions or discover anything that might cause the delivery to be delayed. We’ll set a definite delivery date at this stage. Please let us know if you require a specific job to be completed promptly. We can give your project priority, but this will need the hiring of more developers, which will involve an additional cost.

We can utilize Google Web Fonts, @font-face, Cufón, and other techniques on request. If you want to use a custom font, make sure it’s included in your project files and that you have permission to use it on your website.

In WordPress, a theme is a collection of different layouts and stylesheets used to build a website.

We use various design and prototype software, including Sketch, PSD, jpg, ai, png, xd, pdf, indd, and Zeplin. Please contact us if you require any other file format.

Yes, without question. Send us your HTML and CSS to analyze. Once we’ve completed it, we’ll let you know if it’s ready to include or whether you’ll need to create a new markup.

A PSD file is a Photoshop Design file that contains a design made with Adobe’s Photoshop design program. The PSD will comprise the creation of a website in the context of this article. After that, the PSD file may be delivered to developers to be turned into a WordPress theme. The design file will include all of the information needed to construct the final design in HTML, such as colors, grids, how it will appear on desktop and mobile, and other design components.

PSD to WordPress is the process of converting a Photoshop design concept into a WordPress theme. A designer is usually employed to create a website design idea based on how the end-user wants the website to look. After you’ve generated your design in Photoshop, you’ll need to convert it to WordPress-friendly code. This implies that a web developer will take the Photoshop website design to produce a WordPress theme to replicate the design.